Business Process Map

Process Mapping or Business Process Maps essentially show how a business works. It combines all individual workflows, processes, entities (systems or humans), phases or sequence of performance and channels in order to present a holistic view of the entire business operation. A well designed process map helps to:

a. Streamline various business functions for a unified and consistence customer experience.

b. Reduce inefficiencies by removing unnecessary processes.

c. Present opportunities to build next set of features, products and experiences.

d. Product managers get a complete dashboard view of entire business metrics by mapping analytics over it.



In the age of consumer products and services, when every business is trying to give the best possible experience to their customers, designing process maps like these can be the key. And when business scales, process and system maps could be indispensable.





While at the foresight the customer sees your brand as one single entity, it takes a whole bunch of humans, systems, infrastructure, processes and tools in the hindsight to run the show. Designing a process map helps integrate them all with the aim of providing word class customer experience while maintaining the efficiencies of business operations.